kanjiramattom Mosque offerings


People from all realms of life, religious and sects pay visit to kanjiramattom mosques and make offerings at the mosque and maqbarah.

Chakkarakkanji (a type of sweet porridge made from rice, jiggery etc.) was the favourite food of Shaikh Fareedudheen Oulia. Preparing Chakkarakkanji and distributing among the pilgrims and visitors to the mosque is the main offering of kanjiramattom mosque.

Other offerings include rectical of Quran or Suras Yeaseen and Fathibaa of Quran providingfood to the doves in the mosque complex, recitals of Muulid and Raheeb in meleppally.

People visits and make the above mentioned offerings and pray here for fulfilment of theirwishes and obtaining solutions for their problems. It is widely believed that these offerings are very much effective in cure of incurable diseases, marriage of children, retrieval of lost things and debts etc. it is also believed that the making offerings here is very effective in case of childless couples who does not have any plausible medical reason to have children. Among the people who make the offerings for the fulfilment of various wishes, majority is people belonging to Hindu and Christian community living in Kerala.